Qualmet is changing the way the legal industry conducts business.

Used By Fortune 500 Companies

Over $50M in Biglaw spend under review!

By gathering and utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the legal industry developed by the legal industry, Qualmet gives Legal Departments the tools to gather qualitative data they need to make informed and objective decisions.

Save time, save money, and drive value in your organization using our cloud-based performance management tools for law firms.

Qualmet – Measure What Matters

Performance Evaluations

Whether you are a corporate legal department or a law firm working with corporate clients, Qualmet’s platform gives you the tools to evaluate legal services with industry-standard KPI’s.

Data That Delivers Value

Qualmet gathers performance evaluation data on law firms, lawyers and legal matters giving you the qualitative data to make informed decisions that drive value for your organization.

Features and Functionality

From single evaluations to multiple cycles, Qualmet can track performance, spend, diversity and more. See how Qualmet’s easily configurable platform can give you a fast ROI.

What’s Your Q?


At Qualmet, we help customers measure law firm and legal service provider performance.

Our proprietary “Q-Score” enables customers to quickly and easily benchmark firm performance against key performance indicators created in collaboration with leaders from Fortune 500 businesses, law departments and law firms.

Through our cloud-based evaluation tools, our customers are identifying meaningful opportunities to improve the performance of their law firms to drive measurable and sustainable cost savings.

What is Qualmet?

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