Can Qualmet be used for Convergence?

Yes. Qualmet can be set up for a single convergence or as part of an ongoing evaluation process.

Can Qualmet be accessed on mobile phones?

Yes, any device with a browser and internet access can use the Qualmet Platform.

Does Qualmet require IT for implementation?

Qualmet is cloud-based and does not require IT or implementation consultants.

Does Qualmet require customizations?

No, Qualmet is a turn-key solution that organizations can use within minutes of signing up. Qualmet comes pre-populated with a question set that includes Legal Industry Standard KPI’s.

Can Qualmet be customized?

Yes, very easily. Many features can be customized ranging from Custom Questions to Reports, Locations and Diversity Tracking to name a few. Qualmet can offers integration options like SSO and API’s for an additional fee.

How much training is required to use Qualmet?

Our users report that Qualmet is very easy to use and intuitive. Most users can easily complete an evaluation after logging in. Administrators can easily set up the platform with our guided set up. Qualmet has a large self-help section with resource guides and video training. If further training is requested, Qualmet offers various training packages.

Can reports be shared with our Law Firms?

Yes, reports can easily be shared with your Law Firms by printing to PDF and sending.

Can we get our raw data from our evaluations?

Yes, Qualmet can provide you with the raw data from your evaluations to use as you wish.

Can we use Qualmet to create benchmarks for ongoing comparisons?

Yes, Qualmet is designed to give you qualitative data, including benchmarks, to give you the insights necessary to drive value for your organization.

Can we use Qualmet for evaluations outside of legal?

Yes, our customers have used Qualmet for evaluating Legal Service Providers, Vendors and Service Providers. Qualmet can also be used to perform evaluations of internal teams and projects.

Do we need a contract to get started?

No, you must accept our online Terms and Conditions and can be using the platform right away. If you would like to preview our Terms and Conditions, you can view them here.

How do we get started?

Go to the Login Link and set up your account. Once your email is confirmed, you can follow the guided set up to get your organization started. You are automatically set up on a Free Trial Account, which you can upgrade at any time.