Legal Services Veteran, Rich Cohen, Joins Qualmet as President & General Counsel

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Qualmet, an innovator in evaluating and benchmarking the quality of legal and professional services, hires Rich Cohen as President and General Counsel.

Rich Cohen joins Qualmet after serving as President and General Counsel of Corporate Creations until its recent acquisition. In addition to his significant business experience, Rich has served as the head of legal teams in public and private sectors. He is a frequent speaker on in-house counsel success, a recipient of the Corporate Legal Times Distinguished Legal Service Award and the Owens Corning Worldwide Leadership Award for promoting diversity in the workplace. In addition to serving as President of the Association of Corporate Counsel Central Ohio committee, Rich has served on the Board of Advisors for Bryan University, and as Co-Chair of the Mass Tort Subcommittee of the American Bankruptcy Institute.

“Now, more than ever, law department leaders are demanding better, faster and more affordable legal services from the firms they hire”, said Mark Smolik, General Counsel of a leading logistics provider and the Founder of Qualmet. “The legal industry’s centuries old hourly billing model continues to come under pressure, particularly as hourly rates increase year-over-year. GCs want assurances they are receiving quality service and measurable and sustainable value for the fees they are paying”, added Smolik. “Rich’s extensive industry experience will provide our clients with new and creative ways to leverage performance and diversity data which we have proven with our current clients leads to measurable and sustainable value for their organizations”, said Smolik.

“I’m excited to join the Qualmet team. Qualmet’s technology transforms the relationship between in-house and external counsel”, said Cohen. “Leveraging performance data to drive deeper engagement and identify measurable opportunities to create and deliver value for both law departments and law firms is long overdue in the legal industry”, said Cohen. “Qualmet leverages data in a way that does not currently exist. The Qualmet platform provides real insight into the effectiveness of outside counsel performance, including their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Qualmet’s ‘Q score’ provides measurable and quantifiable performance criteria through KPIs that historically have been based on intuition and few meaningful data points. The Qualmet approach is a real game changer for General Counsel and law firms”, added Cohen.

About Qualmet
Qualmet provides law departments with actionable and objective data that enables them to make informed decisions on the quality of service delivered by their law firms. By tying fees to performance, law departments are now in a position to use objective data to drive purchasing decisions. At the same time, law firms have access to specific performance data they can leverage to assure they are delivering sustainable value to their clients to forge stronger relationships.

Qualmet’s performance review platform was designed in collaboration with many of the world’s leading law firms and corporate law departments. The result is the first of its kind system of qualitative performance reviews, robust reporting and the Qualmet proprietary ‘Q Score’ – all of which provides meaningful insight about the performance of attorneys, teams, and vendors.

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