Qualmet – Ensure Diversity Among Your Teams

Diversity Tracking

Tracking diversity among your legal service providers is as easy as turning on a switch and is included in the platform as an option. For organizations who wish to have data on their external service providers’ initiatives for using diverse teams that match their own policies, Qualmet can easily give you the data you need to see if diversity expectations are being met.

Diversity can be a separate metric for scoring your legal service providers or it can be a customized metric that rolls up to the total score for all your Law Firms, depending on how you want to track the data.

Qualmet can track multiple locations

Location Tracking

Qualmet’s platform makes tracking geographic regions very easy. To easily distinguish evaluation results from different continents, countries, regions or even offices, you can customize how Qualmet tracks your regions to align with how your organization segments locations.

Qualmet can produce reports on the entire organization or reports can be by location and as detailed as you want – down to an office or a specific lawyer.

Qualmet is Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Users can access Qualmet’s platform from any device with a browser and internet access. Evaluations can be set up to be completed easily by users on a mobile device. A standard evaluation can be completed in as little as 90 seconds.