Legal Evaluations

Use our industry driven set of Key Performance Indicators, or create your own with the help of our team, to evaluate the performance of your Law Firms, Individual Law Firm Lawyers, Law Firm Practice Groups, and even evaluate performance on individual projects/matters.

Using our proprietary Q-Score, benchmark the performance of your firms/lawyers against aggregated industry evaluations in our database to give you the data you need to improve performance, drive cost savings and create meaningful value that will surely stand out in your organization.

Customizable Evaluations

Use our KPI’s or create your own. It’s simple and easy to get up and running to conduct your evaluations. You can evaluate at regular intervals or one-time only. You can even have your Law Firms and lawyers self-evaluate assuring the best opportunity to identify performance improvement and cost savings opportunities.

Features and Functionality

  • Software as a Service
  • Supplier/Firm Performance Tracking
  • Firm and General Counsel Features
  • Matter, Firm or Lawyer Options
  • Spend Tracking
  • Cost Savings Opportunities
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Multiple Office/LocationTracking Option
  • Diversity Tracking Option
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Automated Reminders
  • Mobile Ready
  • Collaboration Features
  • Team Evaluations
  • Multiple Evaluation Types
  • Customer Configurable
  • Online Support
  • Integration Options